Abrianna Leaming



When Abrianna Leaming was only eight years old, she ‘wrote’ her first book and created imaginary worlds and scenarios that actually quite worried her family. “Will she ever be able to tell what is fantasy and not fantasy?” They asked themselves. Luckily, she simply grew up into what we call a writer. Akairya is her first novel, and she lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, where she rides horses and plays too many video games.

meet the visual artists behind the fractured soul

A book is created by a team of people. Sure, the writer drafts the story and bleeds onto the keyboard (or notebook, for those who still swear by pen and paper), but so many others pour energy into the making of a book. While there was a plethora of amazing readers and editors for The Fractured Soul, there were only 2 visual artists: Kayla Schulz and Mara Haggquist.


kayla schulz

Bio is coming soon!


mara haggquist

Bio is coming soon!