Abrianna Leaming



First Half of the fractured soul

The Shadow is spreading.

It corrupts the rich provinces of Alkairyn with its stained breath, poisoning dragons and spewing out spawn who relish chaos and violence. Akairya, an orphaned half elf used to the cruelties of a life lived alone, is forced to flee her home city when the blight breaches its ivory shores. While wandering the wilds, she stumbles upon a dragonling, and is thrust onto a path that will shatter her perception of spiritual identity and morality, and eventually prepare her for the battle against the highest power of the Shadow; the Shadow Lord. Though she has many questions, one burns the harshest.

Will she succeed?


Second Half of the fractured soul

Someone dear to Akairya has been taken by the blight.

Reeling from the loss, she follows a wolf through a storm of snow, dazed and unsure of what to do next. Akairya quickly decides on her plan of action: to discover what and where the Twin Slabs are, for that is where the Blood Hawk waits. While Akairya hunts for more information, the Lord of the Shadow only grows stronger, his malignant power seeking her out. For he doesn’t just want her dragon. He also wants her. For if he claims her, Alkairyn will break beyond repair. As she fights against the blighted whispers in her mind, born from the poison in her slumbering dragon, she finds herself wondering:

What would happen if she were to fail?

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Akairya’s journey is one that lived in Abrianna’s heart for many years. It doesn’t break the mold or reinvent anything — it’s simply a story that Abrianna always wanted to tell. 

She started writing Akairya when she was 16 years old, and finished the first draft when she was in university. She edited it when she lived in Ireland for a semester. Many wonderful people supported her and gave her guidance through her self-publishing journey, and without them, The Fractured Soul would not be what it is today.